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3/21/2017 4:09:00 PM Email this articlePrint this article 
Dai Thao Launches Mayoral Campaign

By Amy Doeun

Dai Thao Mayoral Candidate
"I feel my whole life has been about fighting for the little people. My life experiences have prepared me." Dai Thao told Hmong Times as he talked about his recent mayoral campaign launch on January 28 at Carpenter Union Hall in St. Paul. Over 350 people attended the gathering. A wide demographic including Somali, white, Hispanic, African American and Hmong.

"This is the right time for a leader that will fight for the little people. We are in a difficult time with the democrats loosing the capital." He added that much of politics these days has been about "attacking women, immigrants, people of color and the LGBT community. If we are going to be strong and united we need a leader who will stand up to President Trump for our hopes and dreams."

For the city of St. Paul Thao has very specific hopes and dreams that he believes will make the community better, "I want to move to all day pre-K across the city." He also wants to increase the number of livable wage jobs, jobs that can actually support a family. Thao believes these jobs would have to be in the $15-30/hour range. "I want to invest in families and neighborhoods and continue to train police and other safety personnel to work in partnership with a diverse community." Finally he wants to invest in small businesses that will continue the economic growth of the area.

The theme of the mayoral launch "Was to really lay out my history and my humble upbringing and lay out my mission. I am the most progressive candidate."

Thao currently holds a position on the city council. He does not intend to resign from this position. If he does win the mayoral campaign there will be a special election to fill his vacant city council seat.

April 22-30 the democratic caucuses will be held at precincts around the city. At this point they will select delegates to go to the city convention on June 17. "Right now we are working really hard to recruit delegates from across the city."

Of the citizens in St. Paul Thao said, "They are smart, sophisticated. They will support a candidate that has the people in their heart not the special interest. They pay attention and get involved. I will serve all the people of St. Paul. We will run a grassroots campaign that will change the course of St. Paul forever."

To get involved with the campaign call (763) 443-6243

St. Paul, MN



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