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2/14/2017 1:29:00 PM Email this articlePrint this article 
Hmong Studies Journal Launches New Issue

By Amy Doeun

Mark Pfeiffer
The Hmong Studies Journal started in 1996 as the brain child of Robin Vue- Benson (now a lawyer) and Anne Frank of the University of California Irvine (now retired). Mark Pfeiffer, the current editor of the journal said that they published 5 issues over a couple of years. "Then Robin got really busy with his career and the journal went dormant until about 2003."

In 2002 Pfeiffer was at a conference with Dr. Kou Yang and Dr. Dia Cha when they approached him about being the new editor of the journal, "I have been the editor since 2003. We put out an issue at least once a year. The only exception is some years we had more than one. For example we had a special Hmong census issue in 2012."

Each year the deadline is May 30th. The journal does except submissions year round. "It is a scholarly, peer review journal. We accept book reviews, photo essays (scholarly) and commentary referring to literature. Most of the articles are research articles. There are guidelines on our website. Articles should include references and results."

There are 10 people on the peer review panel including Pfeiffer. "We have a couple doctoral students but it is primarily professors. Each article goes through a blind review process, so the reviewers don't know who wrote the article. We share the comments with the authors so they can revise their articles, but the reviewers are not named. We publish about 50% of our submissions. We have gotten more rigorous over time. We used to publish 70-80% of our submissions."

Pfeiffer said that one thing he is very proud about is the relationship that the journal has built with academic databases. "When you go to a university library, hopefully they [students] are actually using databases, that is how you find quality scholarly articles." He doesn't recommend only using the internet. While the journal is available on the standard internet being included in databases like Ebsco and Gale-Cengage have added, "more credibility and prestige" to the journal. "That was a pretty big deal when we started working with our databases we are literally in hundreds of universities. And all of our content is free."

For the most recent issue Pfeiffer said, "We have a nice cross section of topics." But some articles stood out in particular. For commentary articles Pfeiffer highlighted, Comparative "Racialization and Unequal Justice in the Era of Black Lives Matter: The Dylan Yang Case" by Pao Lee Vue, Louisa Schein and Bee Vang. "It has a strong social science perspective on Asian American relations with the major society. It is a really strong article."

For historical reference he recommend, "The Qing Response to the Miao Kings of China's 1795-7 Miao Revolt" by Daniel McMahon. "I believe that article is primarily about the Hmong. 1795-1797 is critical to Hmong history. They were revolting against the oppression and taxation. Hundreds left China and moved to Southeast Asia. Very well done historical article about what was going on in China at that time. The author has written one book and several articles on that topic."

The journal also includes the first article about the Hmong in Argentina, "There is a small community of about 500 people in Argentina." The article, "The Hmong in Argentina and their "convergence' with the Rankulche by Pasuree Luesakul follows there story.

The article, "The Centrality of Ethnic Community and the Military Service Master Frame in Hmong Americans' Protest Events and Cycles of Protest," 1980-2012 by Yang Sao Xiong, "Is a pretty important article. It focuses on how they have worked to organize themselves. "

The journal is available free at www.hmongstudiesjournal.org.

This year there will be a special issue dealing with education, both advancement as well as disparity.

St. Paul, MN



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