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11/29/2016 4:37:00 PM Email this articlePrint this article 
Susan Pha Sworn In To Brooklyn Park City Council

By Amy Doeun

Susan Pha being sworn in as a member of the Brooklyn Park City Council
On the election of November 8th residents of Brooklyn Park turned out to support Susan Pha and select her for their new representative of the western district on the Brooklyn Park City Council. Pha's position was an open position and so on Monday, November 14th, Pha was sworn in to the Brooklyn Park City Council.

The Council chamber was standing room only as the community turned out to witness this historic event. Mayor Jeffrey Lunde said jokingly to those gathered, "Thank you all for coming to hear our CIP budget discussion." He also added that Pha would have two months seniority on the other new council member that wouldn't be sworn in until January.

As Pha stood before the packed room she said, "I need my family and my campaign family because they are my family too." As her family gathered around her Pha glowed. With her hand on the Bible she swore to serve the community of Brooklyn Park.

It was not only the Hmong community that turned out in droves to support her. The Somali community had a large representation as did the Latino community and others. Hmong Times spoke with Pha's campaign co-field director, John Haggar. He said, "50% of Brooklyn Park is people of color and they have never had a city council member of color. That was something I wanted to get behind. I also want to work with the Hmong community and this was a start."

Mark Ellgren is another long time supporter of Pha said, "I am a supporter, friend and fellow clan member - I was adopted. I love that lady, she is amazing."

That sentiment seemed a common one. Farhan Abdullahi said, "She is outgoing and she knows our problems. She likes helping the community and she wants to help everyone. She will make a fantastic City Council member."

John Wexler, chair of the Brooklyn Park DFL, said, "I have been in politics for 25 years. Susan is one of the best candidates I have come across. She is engaging and likes to talk to the community."

But it was Pha's husband, Nic Pha, who brought it all back to the community, "This is not an accomplishment for her, but for Brooklyn Park. They are making a better decision to have a more diverse group on the city council. We have a better city because of people like her. I am very happy, we have a diverse community and today we made a new era moving forward. Everyone is very happy. This is a huge outcome for everyone. Everyone believes Susan can represent everyone. That is why they voted."

As the community continued to celebrate, Susan Pha was already busy in her first city council meeting - learning all about the CIP budget.

St. Paul, MN



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